school wishlist donation parents Transforming the way schools
and PTAs raise money
We make it easy for parents to buy what their school needs Visit a Wishlist Example Now!

Transforming the way schools
and PTAs raise money
Visit a Wishlist Example Now! We make it easy for parents
to buy what their school needs

Giving your parents the power to buy the items your school needs, at the click of a button…

Our School Wishlist is a unique donation platform for schools that will dramatically boost revenue by enabling parents and the wider community to buy the items your school needs.

Each Wishlist website is bespoke and comes with marketing help, training, technical support and hosting.

Our recent school successes!

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How does the Wishlist work?

Helping Parents. Help Schools. Help Children.

Simple to Upload and Edit

school wishlist donation parents

Our School Wishlist websites use a simple content management system. Adding items to your Wishlist is straightforward and quick.

Easy & Safe Online Payments

school wishlist donation parents

Donation transactions are processed via a user-friendly and safe payment gateway. No logging in required.

Technical Support & Hosting

school wishlist donation parents

Your Wishlist will be fully hosted with technical support provided via email and issue tracker.

Marketing Support & Advice

school wishlist donation parents

We offer a toolkit of practical advice and templates to help you market your Wishlist.

Over £5,000 raised in five weeks by a school of 200 pupils

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Our School Wishlist FAQs

We are sure you have lots of questions…

This is entirely up to you! It can easily come under School or PTA administration. The key is to have a co-coordinator or group of individuals who are prepared to dedicate energy to promoting and maintaining the Wishlist.

Firstly, give us a call and tell us a little bit about your school. We will run through how the Wishlist works and pricing.

When you’re ready, we will send you a form listing all the assets we need from you. These will include; images (and their specific dimensions), copy to be used on your Wishlist website, school logo and any additional FAQ’s you require.

You will need to ask your school for the items they want on the Wishlist.

When you sign-up, we will send you a toolkit of templates. We suggest you use our Wishlist Tracker template to list all the items by class, cost and its product link for purchasing. To get you going, we will upload your first three Wishes and train you on uploading the rest.

Finally, you need to set up a Stripe account in the name of the school or PTA (depending who’s initiative it is) and link it to the relevant bank account. You can do this by creating an account here.

We will upload the first three Wishes for you and then will train you on adding items ongoing. We will provide you with hints and tips on presenting your items in the most enticing way!

Each time your Wishlist receives a donation, you will be emailed with the donors basic details. None of the donors banking details will be shared as they are safely stored within Stripe.

Our School Wishlists are not e-commerce sites and funded items need to be ordered manually. It is up to you who makes the order. Some of our PTA customers prefer the school to order, as they have established relationships with suppliers. The PTA then draws down the corresponding amount from Stripe and transfers to the school.

Once you sign-up, you will have access to a toolkit of practical advice and tips to help you market your Wishlist.

Each school Wishlist is different, they are bespoke and tailored to your school. Please call us on 01403 581733 to discuss your needs and we will provide you with a quote.

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Our School Wishlist Story…

As a parent of two Primary School children, I watched first-hand the impact of funding cuts on our village school. More than ever schools need to rely on their PTA and parents for support.

As a business owner, short on time, I felt frustrated that I could not help more and made it a priority to think of a way we could raise large sums of money, quickly and easily.

Recognising that others felt the same way, I designed and built a website for parents to donate towards or buy items needed by the school. The Wishlist ranged from necessities such as pencils and glue sticks, to aspirational class resources to enrich their child’s learning experience.

The ‘Warnham School Wishlist’ was a huge success, raising over £5,000 in the first few weeks.? My vision is to make this technology accessible to all schools and so, I founded Our School Wishlist.

Natalie Collingwood
Founder of Our School Wishlist

We set-up a small village school... Our School Wishlist... with Five weeks later donations reached... £5,108!
school wishlist donation parents

West Sussex County Times March 2018

BBC 1 News Coverage

We would love to chat to you about your school Wishlist:

    We would love to chat to you about your school Wishlist: